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Lifespan FAQs

Accessing Brown IT Resources from Lifespan

You will need your Brown ID number, which was issued at the time of your initial faculty appointment. Your ID number appears above your photo on your Brown ID.

If you don't know your Brown ID number, contact the Brown IT Help Desk at 863-HELP (4357) for assistance.

Once you have your Brown ID number, visit My Brown Account to establish your username and password.

Contact the Brown IT Help Desk at 863-HELP (4357). They will be able to help you recover your username and/or reset your password.

Visit the Health Sciences Resources site, the portal to medical library resources and services at Brown. If you have questions or problems, contact one of the librarians listed at the bottom of the Medical Connections screen.

Faculty can direct that mail addressed to their brown.edu account be forwarded elsewhere by logging into their Brown email account at http://gmail.brown.edu and going to the settings page.

To access your Brown mailbox directly (rather than forwarding it), simply visit http://gmail.brown.edu

Both Brown and Lifespan have license agreements in place with software vendors. As an accredited educational institution, the University receives significant discounts on many software packages. Consequently, the agreements associated with these discounts are very restrictive and usually prevent such software from being used on computers on the Lifespan network or, indeed, on any computer that is not on the Brown campus. Details of the policies regarding downloadable software from Brown are available at http://software.brown.edu.

Unfortunately, the Brown discounts are not available to Lifespan. A significant penalty would result if a software vendor discovers such software installed on a Lifespan computer. Vendors do perform audits of Lifespan computers.

Because of licensing constraints and HIPAA requirements for the privacy and security of patient information, computers in patient care areas at Lifespan are 'locked down,' preventing users from installing any unauthorized software.

Upon request, the software can be installed by a network technician. The requirements are that the user has an appropriate license for the software and that the software does not interfere with clinical programs that run on that computer. Computers in Lifespan offices and labs (non-patient care areas) may also be locked. However, a user can request administrator privileges for these computers, which would allow the user to install and upgrade software without the assistance of a network technician. Network assistance can be obtained by calling the Lifespan Helpdesk at 444-6381.


Lifespan Helpdesk

(401) 444-6381

  • Lifespan network access including VPN, wireless solutions
  • Software installation and upgrades


Biomed IT


  • General information

Brown IT Help Desk

(401) 863-4357

  • Brown E-mail, accounts, lost password recovery

Brown University Library

(401) 863-3333

Erika Sevetson, Health Sciences Librarian

(401) 863-5150

  • Help with searching electronic resources